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12 Week Gym Based Guide: BODY BY MG

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This 12 week guide is a full body guide with an emphasis on booty growth and fat loss. Tone + sculpt your entire body, whilst achieving a perky, rounder booty!  This guide is based on all my favourite exercises that I have done to achieve my results in a short amount of time. It incorporates free weights, resistance bands, compound exercises and a mix of high and low reps. I don’t like plyometric movements, such as jumping squats, jumping lunges or burpees so there’s none of that in here ;) The only bodyweight exercises are done for booty day or as part of the glute pumper workouts with resistance bands. I spent so long doing exercises that didn't provide me with the results I was after and doing exercises that I didn't enjoy. I wanted to create a guide that I know actually works to create the results you are after and a workout routine that you will actually grow to love! I hope you love it as much as me! 

What this guide includes: 

  • 12 weeks worth of workouts
  • 60 minute workouts
  • 4 - 5 days a week 
  • Upper/lower split: Legs, Booty, Chest + Back, Strength (Lower Body) and Arms + Abs 
  • Detailed descriptions and images of each exercise 
  • Progressive overload tracking 
  • Calendar 
  • Recommend weight options 
  • Optional HIIT workouts 
  • Optional glute pumper workouts 
  • Detailed FAQ’s component
  • Substitute exercise options 
  • Private Facebook group + support 
  • Stretch guide
  • Over 200 pages of content! 

Who is best suited for this guide:

Complete gym newbies to intermediate gym goers

What you need for this guide:

Gym membership, resistance bands and ankle weights (optional)

No gym membership?

For best results, I do recommend the gym but I understand people do prefer to workout at home for many reasons. This guide can be done at home, with around 70% of the exercises done without machines, with many able to be substituted. You also won’t be able to complete the strength days which will require specialised equipment. Instead of the strength days, you could do one of the 4 glute pumpers which require bands and a bench.
That said, you will still require:

  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Flat bench 
  • Ankle weights (for cable leg exercises) 
  • Fitball 
  • Kettlebell (preferable, but can use dumbbells instead) 
  • Barbell (preferable, but can use dumbbells instead) 
  • Aerobic step (optional) 
  • Plate (optional, can use dumbbells instead) 

I still recommend this guide to be done at the gym as you will require a large array of dumbbells weights from between 2kg - 20kg. With that in mind, these adjustable dumbbells are the ones I would recommend: 

$: (won’t be able to change quickly) 

$$$: (best for changing quickly between exercises)

*All prices are in USD

RETURN POLICY: As this is a digital product it can't usually be returned, as it is downloadable and licensed to Body by MG.  

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