Protein Powder Q&A’s

Protein Powder Q&A’s

Before I begin, I want to let you know that I’m no sports nutritionist or personal trainer. However, I’ve done a fair amount of research regarding protein powder so I feel that I can at least offer my opinion on the matter. There are loads of different opinions out there regarding the pros and cons of protein powder. At the end of the day, you just have to do your own research and then make up your mind. Personally speaking, these are the reasons that I decided to make it a part of my daily diet:

  1. I don’t eat a huge amount of meat or plant protein
  2. I don’t like eating meat for breakfast
  3. I don’t like to eat a meal for breakfast
  4. I wasn’t reaching my daily protein intake goals
  5. I wanted to build muscle 
  Madalin Giorgetta - professional protein powder drinker

Madalin Giorgetta - professional protein powder drinker

The biggest reason for me to take protein supplements is not just because they can build more muscle than egg whites or beef or chicken or chickpeas; the biggest advantage to protein supplements is the convenience. Instead of preparing and cooking an omelette for breakfast, I just just throw my protein powder in a shaker, add water and go. Super easy, and way more affordable. I would have to use 5 eggs to get the same amount of protein that I get from my smoothie. Plus I'm not a fan of the whole cooking-dirty-dishes-scenario in the morning. Not a morning person. 

When I first started working out I didn’t see why I needed to start taking protein powder. I had the misconception that protein powder was for shredded meatheads at the gym.

I didn’t think it was for me (though Arnie's boobs circa 1970 might be for me 😉 ). My boyfriend (who isn’t a gym junkie or a meathead) had been telling me it was important to increase my protein intake. I finally listened to him, did my own independent research and now I start every day with a whey protein shake. *Insert smug hair flick*

I don’t want to get into the sciences of why you should be taking protein supplements as I believe there will be a lot more well written articles out there than anything I could write. However, if you’d like to do some additional research I found these articles very helpful when making my decision:

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So I’ve decided to turn this blog post into a Q&A session instead.

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Why do you take protein powder?

I take protein powder due to the five reasons listed earlier. I need to take it because I track my macros and need to consume 120g of protein daily. I find this difficult to do as I don’t like eating a lot of meat and am not always well prepared to have a healthy supply of protein rich plant foods. Whey protein is a quick and easy alternative for me.

How often do you take protein powder?

I take protein powder 1-2 times a day.

What protein brand do you take?

I take Women’s Best whey protein powder.

Which flavour do you prefer?

I have the cookies and cream, vanilla and chocolate flavours. I like all the flavours but like to alternate between all three to change it up. At the moment I’m loving cookies and cream.

When should I take protein powder?

There has been considerable research on the reasons as to why you should consume protein first thing in the morning. The first reason, is that your body has been fasting overnight and is burning fat. When you consume sugar in the morning, the first thing your body will burn is sugar, not fat. The second reason is that eating protein first thing will decrease any cravings that you have for those yummy refined carbs (think donuts, white toast or a chocolate croissant). Great, now I want a donut. 

Can I supplement meals with protein powder?

You can, but I wouldn’t recommend it for meals such as lunch or dinner. I have it in the morning for breakfast but I don’t usually just have it on it’s own. I put it in the blender with oats, frozen banana, coffee, peanut butter and water.

I hate the taste of it. How do you make it taste better?

I like the taste of it, so if I need a quick protein hit I’ll happily drink 30g of whey protein mixed with water. If you can’t stand the taste, try using almond or skin milk instead. If you still don’t like it, you should try mixing it in a blender with other flavours that you like, such as banana and peanut butter.