My Full Leg And Booty Workout 

My Full Leg And Booty Workout

I do this exact workout once a week, on Mondays after my legs are nice and rested after the weekend. It's simple and easy to follow, but you may have some difficulties with the deadlift. It may be worth paying for a session with a personal trainer to teach you the correct technique for a few of these exercises, specifically the deadlift, as it's a complicated move that requires the correct posture and technique to gain the maximum results. I've been doing this workout for the past 4 weeks and have already seen an increase in the size of my legs. It's also important when training for muscle growth, to eat, eat, eat! You're not going to see gains without eating in a calorie surplus, so remember to fuel your body with the calories it needs to grow. 

Make sure you warm up first because as it's really important to increase blood flow to your muscles and increase heart circulation. This will help you a). avoid injury and b). perform better. Both these reasons are pretty solid ones, so don't skip it, even thought I know it's tempting! 

This workout does require a gym and the following equipment:
- barbell
- leg press (plate loaded machine)
- smith machine
- leg extension machine
- hamstring curl machine

I have given a tempo of 4:1:2:0. For those that don't know, the tempo is the rate of time that a rep is performed. So in a tempo of 4-1-2-0 The first number (4) is the eccentric (lowering part), the second number (1) is the pause/hold in the lift, the third number (2) is the concentric (lifting part) and the fourth part (0) is the pause at the end of the rep. It's important to stick to the tempo if you want to see muscle growth, don't do fast reps, slow and controlled is the way. 

As we are working towards muscle growth, we are picking a moderate weight and increasing the reps to 12-15. To know if the weight is right for you, it should be extremely difficult to lift the weight in the last 2 reps. If you're hitting 15 reps in all 5 or 3 sets every time, it's time to increase your load. 

I've provided a brief explanation below of each exercise, but I would also recommend check out and searching their database for full instructional videos. 

Spend 5 minutes on the cross trainer or treadmill
Rest (seconds)
Deadlift - 5 sets
Back Squat - 5 sets
Donkey Kicks - 3 sets
Leg Press - 3 sets
Leg Extension - 3 sets
Hamstring Curl - 3 sets


  • Space your feet hip width apart

  • Turn your toes slightly out

  • Grip the bar with your palms pronated and your hands should be positioned just outside your legs

  • Maintain a neutral spine, no curving

  • Take the slack out of the bar before your lift

  • Pull the bar up, moving the bar over your shins and up to your mid thigh

  • Thrust your hips forward and squeeze your glutes together and lock your knees

  • Slowly lower the weight onto the floor by unlocking your hips and bending your knees

Back Squat

  • Stand in-front of the squat rack with the bar behind you

  • Place the bar on your upper back (use a foam pad to reduce discomfort)

  • Step out from under the bar and stand tall

  • Lock your knees

  • Squat LOW! Move down toward the ground until your hips are below your knees

  • Keep your lower back neutral, no curving

  • Make sure knees are out not bending inwards

  • Stand upwards, locking your knees at the top

Donkey Kicks (on Smith Machine)

  • Get down on all fours and rest your forearms on the ground

  • Keep your head facing down

  • Keep your back neutral  

  • Raise your left foot (your arch) underneath the bar

  • Push upwards keeping your leg in a straight line and extending your leg

  • Activate your glutes by squeezing as you get to the top

  • Lower your leg down until your knee is just off the ground

Leg Press

  • Sit down on the machine

  • Place your feet in-front you at a shoulder width stance

  • Lower the safety bars and push the platform all the way up

  • Do not lock your knees! Knees should be slightly bent

  • Lower the platform until your legs form a 90 degree angle

  • Push the platform upwards with the heels of your feet

Leg Extension

  • Sit on the seat and adjust the machine. The leg pad should sit on your ankles and your knees should be just off the edge of the seat

  • Extend your legs slightly

  • Hold onto the handles at the side and extend your legs outwards

  • Lower slowly back down

Lying Leg Curl

  • Lay face down on the machine

  • Adjust the machine so that the leg pads are slightly above your ankles

  • Don’t arch your back

  • Keep your core tight

  • Squeeze your hamstrings on your eccentric and concentric movements

  • Curl the weight up as far as possible

  • Lower slowly back down

  • Use slow controlled movements


Maddy x