My Favourite Protein Shakes

I've been starting my day with Women's Best whey protein since last June, so in celebration of my 1 year anniversary I'll be providing my 3 favourite protein powder recipes. Before then, I was drinking shakes specifically designed to help you lose weight, and was not receiving any of the benefits of consuming protein in the morning. When I was doing high intensity cardio I would have my shake post-workout, but now that I predominantly lift weights I have it pre-workout. I think it's much better this way as it gives me the energy to get through my workout. I just used to hate having a full stomach when I was busting out burpees! Or maybe I just hated the burpees?..

Without further ado, here they are, my three go-to shakes!


This is my go to smoothie when I roll out of bed every morning. Sometimes I take out the coffee, or have water instead, but everything else remains the same. FAV. I use the blender for this one. 


This is a great one when I don't have the time to use the blender and I'm running out the door. I'll pop this in my shaker and drink it in the car and it's so good. Tastes just like an iced mocha, just need to add some ice cream! 


When I'm getting sick of the above two this is a good one to mix things up a bit and is super yummy. I use the blender for this one as well. 

Happy protein shake sippin'! 

Love Maddy x