How to get back on track with your healthy eating after the holidays

How to get back on track with your healthy eating after the holidays

 What the cookie monster thinks of anything that's not a cookie. 

What the cookie monster thinks of anything that's not a cookie. 

I was asked a similar question by a follower on my Instagram page (hi Ruth!) and I thought it would be great for me to answer not just to give you guys some tips but also to help organise myself. She’s asked “I’d love step by step posts on how you’re going to get back on track in the new year. Workout and diet and any other tips you can share.” I was planning on writing this as my top tips to get back on track in the new year, but as I was writing it I realised I was actually pretty on track with my fitness (read this blog post to get you motivated to start working out in the new year!), but what was I struggling with? Always diet.

I find the hardest thing after a holiday is getting back on the healthy eating wagon when all you can think about is how many fruit mince pies you can fit in your mouth. I don’t feel that I restrict myself when it’s not the festive season but when Christmas comes around I really go HAM.



I’m not the kind of fitness gal to say to you don’t eat all the things around Christmas and count your macros. I say, eat all the things, enjoy yourself and give your poor partner/family/house mate a break! Anyone else have a long suffering partner that doesn’t want to hear you say the word “macros” ever again? Well, now they’ve had a break let’s get straight back into it!

The secret to sticking to eating healthy is always making sure you have healthy meals available in the fridge. And it’s gotta be yum. If it’s crap then you’ll just hate life and give up on healthy eating by Jan 2nd. That’s why I love meal prepping. I’m all about ease and yum and you can do both when you meal prep.

 Image via  corcarp5

Image via corcarp5

Not sure what this meal prepping craze is? It’s when you take a day out of the week, usually a Sunday, but whatever day works for you and you prep up meals for the coming week. I like to prep about 8 meals for lunch/dinner as sometimes I’ll make myself something fresh or I’ll go out for dinner. It’s much easier to prep up 8 of the same meal but you’ll find yourself hating it by the end of the week. For this reason, I cook up 2 different meals a week and make 4 of each. I’ll then switch out one of the meals each week to give myself a little diversity and try something new.

Some people are super organised and will actually meal prep for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week. As I work from home, I make my breakfast from home every day so have no need to meal prep my breakfast. However, if you're someone that runs out the door every morning, it might be a good idea to meal prep your breakfast. You just prep what you think you need. If you work at a desk in close proximity to a vending machine it may be a good idea to have some snacks prepped to help you resist temptation!

These are some of the recipes I like making for meal prep. I like to keep it simple and just cook up a batch of veggies, lean protein and healthy carbs. These recipes don't require loads of different or expensive ingrediants and even the most useless cook (ahem, me) can make these. 

Meal 1                                                
Creole grilled chicken
Green beans
Roasted sweet potatoes

 Creole seasoning c/o  Bake Eat Repeat  

Creole seasoning c/o Bake Eat Repeat 

Meal 2
Honey sesame chicken
Broccoli and asparagus
Wholemeal rice

 Meal 2: c/o  Sweet Peas And Saffron  

Meal 3
Baked lemon chicken
Wholemeal couscous
Broccoli and asparagus

 Meal 3: c/o  Creme de la Crumb  

Meal 3: c/o Creme de la Crumb 

Meal 4
Lemon roasted salmon
Roasted sweet potatoes

 Meal 4: c/o  Little Spice Jar

Meal 4: c/o Little Spice Jar

Sweet potato brownie
Oatmeal muffins
Date and carrot pudding

I’ll usually choose one of these snacks to make and then alternate between the 3 over the next few weeks. I like to make a big batch and them freeze them. These are perfect when you're craving a sweet treat and are so handy to have available. 

Another reason I love meal prepping? It’s so much easier to count your macros (blog post coming on this soon!) when you meal prep. They kinda go hand in hand. When you don’t meal prep, you have to weigh all your food and it can be time consuming doing it every time you eat a meal. When you meal prep, you weigh all your food in bulk so it makes it much quicker in the long run.

Meal prep only takes a few hours a week but will put you well on your way to getting back on track after a tiramisu stuffed Christmas and a boozy new year!

Love Maddy x