Grow your booty, not your legs!

Grow your booty, not your legs!

I get heaps of messages from girls who are just looking to grow their booties, but they don’t want to grow their legs. Although this blog post is about growing your glutes over your quads and hamstrings, you can’t have 0% growth in your legs and 100% growth in your glutes. It will just look a bit weird. 

 Same legs, different butt. Only way you can grow your butt without your legs if is you get fat injections or a butt implant  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Same legs, different butt. Only way you can grow your butt without your legs if is you get fat injections or a butt implant  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

However, there are definite ways you can engage your glutes with conventional quad/hamstring dominant exercises, and if you also add in some glute dominant exercises you'll be set on your way to a bootylicious booty! 

It’s a lot easier to grow your hamstrings and your quads than it is your glutes. This is mainly because most movements conventionally focus on quads + hams, you have to change your positioning to focus on your glutes. The general population has been educated to believe that if you’re squatting and deadlifting you’ll build up a killer set of glutes. While squatting and deadlifting do activate your glute muscles, the glutes are not the main muscle worked. Conventional squats will hit your quadriceps and conventional deadlifts will hit your hamstrings.

So what workout will predominantly hit your glutes? The answer is glute bridges! Slightly embarrassing and a bit of a pain to set-up, but there’s nothing quite like being able to thrust 100kg with your hips. You can read this blog post here if you want my glute bridge workout, which I do once a week. I also do a strength day once a week where I do 5 x 5 hip thrusts and deadlifts.

So are you saying I should bin the squats?

Nope, not at all. Squats are still a great compound exercise, worthy of staying in your gym routine. However, when performing squats, deadlifts, leg press etc, there are small changes you can make to generate maximum glute engagement. I would suggest performing these exercises with these modifications on leg day, and then performing my booty exercises on butt day! See my suggested modifications below: 


Try this instead:
- Feet wider than shoulder width apart (sumo stance)
- Sit back into your hips
- Shift your weight into your heels
- One legged squat (Bulgarian split squat)

Try this instead:
- Feet wider than shoulder width apart (sumo stance)
- Don't go to low

Try this instead:
- Round your back
- Flare your feet outwards 45 degrees

Try this instead:
- Use one leg to press
- Place your feet high on the platform


- Glute Activation (donkey kick, crab walk, bird dog etc) 
- Hip Abduction Resistance Band (standing, seated or lying) 
- Glute Bridge
- Single Leg Hip Thrust
- Cable Pull Through

Remember, everyone is different, so have a play around and see where you feel these exercises most in your glutes.  

Love Maddy x