Etsy X-mas Guide: Gifts For The Fitness Crazies In Your Life

Etsy X-mas Guide: Gifts For The Fitness Crazies In Your Life (or just for yourself)

I absolutely adore Etsy and love buying gifts for friends and family on there, I even used to be a seller, selling handmade bralettes made from velvet and leather. I’ve been putting together my X-mas wish list and instead of just texting it to my boyfriend I thought I’d put it on the web (easier for him to click the links that way hehe). I realise this post was supposed to be about which presents to buy OTHER people, but it kinda turned into presents that I want. Oops. However, I'm assuming you guys also like rainbow crochet bikinis, watermelon bowls and cacti tapestries so you might find these links useful too! If you're not after a rainbow crochet bikini (shame on you, but we can still be friends), check out Etsy Editors' Picks, chock-full with loads of great ideas.  

1. Fit people are super healthy and shit and go to the farmers market on the weekend to buy organic produce so they definitely need this bag from Emily McDowell Studio. Best. Bag. Ever. 

2. Who doesn’t love bananas? You don’t have to be vegan to love this necklace from UK store Lee Renee Jewellery, so cute! Why are miniature sized things of regular things, just so cute? I've also got my eye on the Pineapple Earrings and the Mini Shell and Pearl Necklace (click on link please boyfriend reading). 

 Banana Necklace - gold vermeil

Banana Necklace - gold vermeil

You can’t compile a fitness wish list without including a yoga mat. Yeti Yoga has over 100 designs to choose from, design and packaged in the trendiest city in the world, Portland, Oregon. Could you be any hipper carrying this under your arm into your yoga studio? (Sign of the un-hip, talking about how "hip" something is.)

Need some motivational quotes that don’t make you want to stab your eyes out with a fork? I’m loving the art created by Congo Studio;  and can I grab the cacti while I'm at it? And that glass bottle? And that wooden tree trunk stool? Just gimme the lot. 

Because everybody needs an itsy bitsy teeny tiny rainbow colour crochet bikini! Only problem is, I can’t decided which one! These are handmade in Turkey and are super affordable, I've seen other swimwear brands sell similar styles for +$200. For that price you can buy up to three of these bikinis! 

 Tough life decisions to be made. L - R:  Pastel Pink ,  Sunshine Yellow ,  Yellow Multi , and  Blue Multi

Tough life decisions to be made. L - R: Pastel Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Yellow Multi, and Blue Multi

Molded from real watermelons, grapefruits, and pumpkins, these salad bowls are my absolute favourite! I mean, how cute!!! The bowls from Vegetabowls (GREAT FREAKING NAME) are meticulously crafted down to the very last detail, from the black seeds of the watermelons to the texture and colour on the inside and outside. I love these mini watermelon bowls, they'd be great for a fruit salad! 

Got a little extra cash to spend this year? Treat yo self or someone super super special with this neon light from US based artist Marcus Poston. I think it would look realllll nice hanging up in your workout zone. If you can afford to spend $1,300+ on a neon sign then you probably have your own home gym at your disposal. I think I would like several of these to decorate my imaginary New York Penthouse. Please and thank you. (Don't bloggers get sent stuff for free???)

 POW! Neon Sign

POW! Neon Sign

One of the first things I did when I started feeling more confident in my body was buy lingerie and you can't go past Ohhh Lulu for delicate and feminine lingerie. Head designer Sarah, carefully cuts, crafts, and packs each individual piece. Swoon. 

You don’t have to be health conscious to appreciate these lil tapestries by Sarah K. Benning. Download now and get crafty!

Now you’ve done all that shopping it's only right you sit back and relax and I’ve found the best chair for it! Hang A Hammock is based in Masaya, Nicaragua and each piece is lovingly crafted by a team of professional artisans using ethically sourced macrame and wood. If you get the chance, check out their baby swings as well, so adorable!